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Why Is It So Difficult to Get Your Manhood Back?

What You Need for Wood On Demand

It doesn’t matter if you have ED, weak wood or if you’re doing okay in the bedroom and just want a boost…

When it comes to love-making it's like gray hair.  It happens to all of us.  Eventually your bedroom performance will suffer.  Why does this happen?

As you may know the cause of weak wood and problems in that area is due to two things:
1)  Low T (by age 50 the average man has lost 20% to 30%)
2)  Low blood flow to that area (over time this can lead to shrinkage.)

Your age, habits, stress levels and a dozen other factors play a role in your staying power. And that's something that changes day by day.

What many men don’t know is that what you put into your body has the greatest effect on the strength of your wood.  

If you are missing the nutrients to fuel your wood, then then it’s a slippery slope to ever truly having strong healthy wood again.

Your Bedroom Performance Journey
Is Different Than Anyone Else's.

Why Men's Performance Pills Don’t Work

There Are Thousands Of
Men's Performance Health Pills
Because They Are
Cheap to Make

You may believe that losing wood strength is a part of aging and you can't get back to full strength wood…unless you take pills.

After seeing medicines and gas station pills promises, you may be thinking that only performance pills can help give you wood.

One of the challenges with pills is deliverability. You see, they need to first get digested by the stomach before they can deliver their payloads and carry out their intended effects.

According to John Hopkins University, pills do not start working until the stomach ejects their contents into the intestine.

If you’ve been let down before, it’s probably because whatever you tried didn’t make it past your stomach acid to get into your blood stream.

The Truth Is...

For healthier wood you need a natural T boost, targeted blood flow and simple lifestyle changes.

When it comes to the production of T and blood flow, the body prioritizes other critical bodily operations first.  Without normal T-production and targeted blood flow, there’s just not enough left for the bedroom.

Over time it becomes more and more difficult to overcome low-T and low blood flow no matter what you do.

Luckily there’s a solution that goes to work in the bloodstream super-fast because it’s a liquid.  So, it does NOT need to be broken down by the stomach.

And it helps to boost the natural production of T while at the same time increasing blood flow to you guessed it… the ideal targeted area.
It’s called GoodWood. And it contains a combination of 8 herbs that go to work immediately.

Each individual herb has been scientifically proven to increase both T and blood flow. Since the herbs are natural, your body is preprogrammed to recognize them and knows how to use them effectively.

GoodWood Is Different

Each Ingredient Helps Increase 
Wood Strength, Stamina & Energy 

The herbs in GoodWood are mixed with a organic cane alcohol, strained through cheesecloth and consistently stirred over a minimum of two weeks to maximize the essence of each herb.

The result is a powerful combination with a high bio-absorption rate in the body. GoodWood’s proprietary blend is weighted so each herb works together for the highest effect possible going directly to your blood stream.

Pills lose their effectiveness before they get into your body. They also have lower quality ingredients with filler and dyes.

Your issues can be healed by using ingredients that your body will respond to naturally. 

How Does GoodWood Work?

GoodWood solves the problem by going right to work where it is needed.  

For example, the herb clove is used for bedroom hormone production and is considered very beneficial.  A study conducted in 2006 concluded that these cloves help enhance T production.

The ingredient nutmeg in GoodWood increases blood flow to areas where you need it because it has a vasodilatory and smooth muscle relaxant property on your manhood according to an NIH study on bedroom performance.

Smooth muscle relaxation increases blood flow in your wood and the bursting and burning of T fuels your newfound stronger manhood.

Remember, the manufactured ingredients in the pills you tried before did not make it past your stomach acid to get into your blood stream. Since they were not natural, they may have caused more problems than they attempted to solve.

And the more consistent you are with taking GoodWood the greater the effect. But based on your performance score above you may need to take more or take GoodWood for a little longer.

Due to lifestyle issues, most men do not get the right amount of blood flow to the proper area. The more blood flow you have, the more oxygen and nutrients there are to keep your manhood healthy.

 Lack of blood flow can lead to wood shrinkage.

One bottle of GoodWood will last two weeks so it is better to have more on hand to build up in your body and so you don’t run out when the right mood strikes. You can also take more servings per day for an extra boost.

One bottle will last two weeks so it is better to have more available so you do not miss a day. 

  • An All-Natural Liquid Formula...Not Another Pill
  • ​Morning, Spontaneous & Erections On-Demand
  • ​Last Longer & Get Back Up for Faster
  • ​Performance Stamina & Energy
  • ​Free Wood On-Demand Training System For A Limited Time

My Job Is To Make Sure You Won’t Fail

And I Am Good at My Job!

My goal is for you to get the most out of GoodWood immediately.  ESEIS 25 is a great tool to make sure you get and keep the results faster.

My name is Brian Ayers, known to thousands of guys on YouTube as Uncle B. I have been coaching men for 25 years on how to increase bedroom performance on demand, how to last longer, health, nutrition and more.

I know what you are going through because I have talked to thousands of men who have been in your situation.  And I have experienced wood issues myself.  And I've taken more GoodWood than anyone on the planet, but Father Time caught up to me too.

At 45, I started taking my cheat code for stamina and performance for granted. I just let myself go. Netflix bingeing with a meat lovers pizza and a bottle of Jack Daniels was a normal weekend. Over time it caught up to me.

That is when I formulated GoodWood.   You see a supplement is supposed to supplement the other things you do. But what are those things?

After years of research, interviews, and trial and error I figured out the 5 areas of your bedroom health that you can fix with small changes that have a dramatic effect. 

 I went from a five on the scale to a strong nine (some guys would call it a ten, but I am perfectionist).

That is how I came up with the ESEIS 25 system.  It is designed to help you set goals and easily track your progress in five critical areas for manhood in your life. That is also why I want to give this to you when you for FREE use GoodWood.

My goal is for you to get the most out of GoodWood immediately and ESEIS 25 is a great tool to make sure you get and keep the results you want now and for years to come.

The alternative is having weak wood or ED for the rest of your life. Don't let that wreak havoc on your love life, health, stress levels and more. I have talked to men who have not had reliable wood for 20 years and believe me…you don’t want that smoke.  I've got your back.

ESEIS 25 Training System

A Discrete Wood on Demand Private Class Built for Results

Don't worry about wood now or for years to come. ESEIS 25 helps you elevate to complete wood control. Get straight to the point advice and information you can use immediately to increase your bedroom health with strong powerful wood you and your partner can enjoy and more.

Find out...
 - Why Your Wood Leaves During the Big Moment
 - How To Increase Blood Flow Naturally in That Specific Area
 - How To Avoid the Bedroom Performance Danger Zone
 - The 13 Best Foods for Rebuilding T


Golfnificent Verified Buyer
Been a user for 3 years or more and I've never been let down yet. I have learn the best way to use for me, which is a daily dropper in the morning and if intimate a dropper an hour before and I'm good to go!

I also noticed a increase in stamina with my workouts as well as good energy throughout the day. I know this sounds like a staged review but it's my truth. Play around with what dosage works for you and be consistent and you'll see what I mean.

 Kevin West Verified Buyer
I have had this product for almost a month now. Because of health issues I have to take it a for a month or two probably to really see the results that’s needed. I will say this.... I have had quite a few morning erections since taking the product.

So I feel good that I am not completely out of the game. As my health is becoming better I can see and feel a difference with the product.
O. Williams Verified Buyer
Well I've tried this before nearly 25 years ago and being younger I had different results than I'm having now. But I can say that for the first time in years I woke up with a morning woody and I didn't have to urinate and that boy stayed strong for a long time.

So needless to say I'm happy this time around as well. It definitely achieves the desired effect.


...But If You Do, Contact Us At Help@AyersNaturals.com


How does it work?

Taken several times a day, Good will begin the growth process needed to increase your penis size. Spread out your doses throughout the day. Take it in the morning, then again at midday and/or early evening.  This method will allow your body to gradually increase the size and functions of your penis.

If you use GoodWood for a boost in your wood and performance, then take it 1-3 hours before the “big event”. If you do not feel enough of a boost the first time you use GoodWood, try taking it every day for one week, then go back to using it only before sex.

How long before GoodWood starts to work?

It depends on your level of performance health. On average, most people experience some noticeable changes after the first day or within two days of use.

Some people have noticed changes immediately after taking GoodWood for just a few times while others have noticed changes well into their second, and sometimes even third, week.

Are there any side effects?

Yes, your hands and feet will feel cooler as the blood is being drawn toward your genital regions. You will also find it difficult to fall asleep after taking it late in the evening unless you have sex or exercise. GoodWood is a stimulant for sex.

Can women take it?

Yes – GoodWood is for females and males! It heightens both men and women’s desire while lowering their inhibitions and fears. Not only will users feel relaxed and eager when it comes to sex, they’ll also find the sex is better.

Some of our users find that they only want to use GoodWood for the aphrodisiac effects while others use it on a regular basis; the choice is yours.

How Long Should I Use GoodWood?

We recommend that men take GoodWood for 3-6 months to achieve permanent results. Men with normal wood/performance and normal blood circulation will maintain their results.

Men who have problems achieving full wood usually need to take GoodWood occasionally after their first 3 to 6-month period in order to maintain their results.
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